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Saturday, September 26, 2020
16.1 C

    Men abduct child

    The police are asking for help to identify the men who abducted a 12-year-old boy in Secunda on Tuesday, 14 June.
    The boy was apparently walking home from a primary school in Secunda when a vehicle stopped near him in A.D Keet Street at around 13:20.
    Four men were inside the grey Volkswagen Golf.
    One of them climbed out of the vehicle and asked the boy for directions.
    While the child was giving the man directions, the man snatched up the boy and forced him into the boot of the car.
    The vehicle did not have registration plates.
    According to Capt Lizzie Koekemoer from the Secunda Family Violence, Child Protection and Sexual Offences Unit, the boy afterwards told the police that he felt the vehicle move and then eventually stop.
    Two men opened the boot and lifted the child out. He was shoved to the ground and ordered to remove his clothes which they dumped in the car.
    The other two men then drove off in the vehicle.
    “The boy heard the men saying they were going to cut him into pieces,” Capt Koekemoer said.
    They were on the gravel road near the Secunda Graveyard.
    The frightened boy fought off his abductors by kicking one, who then fell onto his accomplice.
    This gave the child just enough slip to pull away and run.
    The two men chased after him, and was then joined by the other two in the Golf and the vehicle also followed him.
    A passing taxi driver noticed the suspect behaviour of the men and began to sound his taxi’s horn.
    He stopped and shouted for the boy to run to nearby traffic officers who were directing traffic at the four-way stop near the graveyard and Graceland.
    The traffic officers covered the boy in a jacket and contacted the police.
    The police compiled an ID kit of one of the suspects and ask the public to contact them if they know anything or recognise the suspect.
    The suspect has scars on his forehead and right cheek.
    He was wearing a blue sweater and red pants.
    If you have any information, contact W/O Lucas Mahlangu at 083 660 2473.

    The police are looking for this man. If you have information, contact 083 660 2473.
    The police are looking for this man. If you have information, contact 083 660 2473.


    Men abduct child