Pandas Inaugural Sports Festival

Frank, Anith, Anna-Marie, Arthur, Leslie, Karren

Panda’s Cue Sport hosted the inaugural Sports Festival 2019. With four different sports, Pandas was packed with athletes and spectators. Hendry Erasmus (co-owner) said that he and his partners, Jon Jon Vermeulen and Timothy Vermeulen, were delighted to see how the Pool club has turned into a sports club.
Pandas NEW Darts and Snooker area consists of 16 Dart Boards and 2 Snooker tables. This was the opening of the newly revamped dart facility. Results from the weekend Sport Festival:
Pandas 501 Men Dart Championships
1st Leslie Naidoo
2nd Arthur Oberholzer
3rd Frank Jonker
Pandas 501 Women Dart Championships
1st Anna-Marie Lezar
2nd Karren Anthony
3rd Anith Ince
Pandas Open Left Arm-Wrestling Championships
1st Ludwig Schettler
2nd Rubin Du Toit
3rd Jaco Knoetze
Pandas Open Right Arm-Wrestling Championships
1st Rubin Du Toit
2nd Ludwig Schnettler
3rd Ryno Oosthuizen
Pandas Head to Head Poker Championships
1st Adam Nel
2nd Tyron Freer
3rd Hendry Erasmus
Panda’s OPEN Pool Championships
1st Jacobus Le Roux
2nd Jackson Mashetsi
3rd Hendry Erasmus
Hendry Erasmus said: “We would like to thank Rees (Darts), Ryno (Arm-Wrestling) and Davey (poker) for running the respective leagues in 2019.” This annual event would take place on 4 – 6 December 2020.

Frank, Anith, Anna-Marie, Arthur, Leslie, Karren
Ludwig vs Ryno


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