Xolani: Lake Umuzi Soccer Challenge’s Best Player

FLTR: Jacob Mtakwende, Alroy Peterson - Bidvest Wits Junior Head Coach, Xolani Savanguane, Rainer Abraham - Bidvest Wits Junior Manager

Xolani Savanguane was selected to play for the Junior Bidvest Wits U/12 team. Head Coach, Alroy Petersen said: “Xolani has the best technique and is a brilliant football player. I like what he does on the field!”
Xolani is also selected to play in the South African Junior Masters VW tournament starting on 7 December at Wits University sportsground in Johannesburg.
Xolani’s previous coach, Roy Dijaro Dlongolo said that he was very proud of him.
“All the young players that want to be selected to play in the big teams must also work hard at their academics,” said Jacob Mtakwende, organiser of the Lake Umuzi Soccer Challenge. “I urge the parents to register their children at the Inkwunzi Isematholeni Football Developement Scholarship. Children must be born between 2004 and 2009.”
For more information contact Jacob Mtakwende of the Lake Umuzi Soccer Challenge at 0661230411 or 0827051247.



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