SANBS hosts “Arrested, Blood requested”


SANBS Donor Committee is hosting an “Arrested, Blood requested” on Saturday 30 Novem-ber. This is an exciting event on the SANBS calendar. Volunteers are “arrested” by the blood squad and their supporters need to donate blood in order to secure their release. The atmos-phere is always festive and SANBS has a lot of staff available to speed up the donation pro-cess. It is an important day for SANBS as the holiday season is upon us and blood is normal-ly in high demand. Please come and support them at the Donor Centre next to Bakers Bin. Remember each do-nation can save 3 lives.
You can make a difference!
Please read the press statement from SANBS regarding the shortage of blood: “It really is an awesome thing to do,” said blood recipient, Sunita Morar. She received blood in August 2019 due to a haemorrhage during labour. Thanks to a blood donor, Sunita was able to survive and be a mother to her new-born baby. Sunita and thousands of other pa-tients who incur trauma related incidents have a second chance at life because of the gener-ous donations made by South Africans.
The South African National Blood Service (SANBS) is urgently calling on Group O and donors to donate blood to meet demand. Scheduled blood drives at universities, businesses and on other sites yield a significant amount of the units of blood collected annually and although SANBS has systems in place to minimise the effects of shortages, there has been an in-creasingly high demand for blood in hospitals leaving Group O blood stocks at a low.
As a result of the low blood stocks, SANBS is appealing to members of the public to visit the nearest donor centre as soon as they can. “We are experiencing a high demand of blood from hospitals and are in serious need of blood donations across the country. Our Group O blood stocks are approaching a low. We are appealing to all South Africans to donate a unit of blood in aid of those who may need blood or blood products during this period,” said Si-lungile Mlambo, SANBS Chief Marketing Officer. Group O is considered the universal blood group because anyone — regardless of blood type — can receive type O blood without risking a transfusion reaction. Mlambo said: “The best gift you can give anyone is the gift of life. We know that South Africans have huge hearts and we call on them to fully embrace the spirit of Ubuntu by giving their blood donation today.”
SANBS has planned various blood drives around the country with extended hours and addi-tional weekend blood drives to ensure a stable supply of blood during this period. However, it is only possible to meet the demand with the help of regular and committed blood donors. Blood donations go beyond just the person who receives blood – its’ not just blood, it is saving a nation.
There are donor centers, clinics and mobile clinics throughout the GMM area. Please contact Dot Prinsloo, Donor Relations Practitioner: 017 631 1652. Email: Visit or contact 0800 11 9031 to find out where you can donate blood this festive season. Follow us on Facebook (@SANBS).


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