Prominent businessman takes over Aviation Junction Flying School


Last week The Bulletin reported on Christoff Le Grange who has sold the Aviation Junction Flying School to Peter Nordin. The Bulletin’s journalist, Ané Prinsloo sat down with Peter and spoke about his future plans for the flying school.
When Peter was in grade 10, he applied to attend RAU University to study Navigation. Unfortunately, 2 years after applying (in 2000) he received a letter stating that the Navigation degree was made redundant. After that curveball was thrown at him, he decided to go to England to work. Four years later Peter returned to South Africa and finished his studies in surveying. He finished his diploma and 2011 saw the birth of Peter Nordin Surveyors.
His love and passion for aviation did not stop when his curveball was thrown at him. When drones started becoming a big thing, Peter imported one of the first fixed wing drones which he used for his surveying company.
In 2016 Peter teamed up with Salaria and also bought shares in the company. In 2018 he bought the majority shares in Salaria and in 2019 he became the proud owner of Salaria.
Peter has big plans for the flying school. He is already busy building new classroom facilities next to the school’s hangar and also owns all the aircraft the school utilises.
His vision is to start a small charter company for people who would like to get away for a weekend to, for example, Sun City. The charter side of the flight school will be affordable and also give students who have their Commercial Pilot’s Licence an opportunity to build hours.
With his
background in drones and being able to see an opportunity in business, Peter is definitely the best man to take over from Christoff. We’ll just have to wait and see what the future holds for Aviation Junction Flying School… The best is yet to come!
– Ané Prinsloo


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