eMba is a health danger zone


The sewerage was streaming through the house of Mrs Selepe in eMbalenhle, ext 21.
The sewerage spread on their stand and flowed down the street.
Mrs Selepe cannot sleep due to the stench. All calls for help has fallen on deaf ears at the moment.
“No one should live in these conditions,” said DA Cllr ZA Mkhwebane, “this is one of the failed contracts that continue to plague Govan Mbeki Municipality.”

Not only is sewer a problem but open power boxes are everywhere.
“This poses a huge problem to our children,” Says DA Cllr NA Masina, “the open electrical boxes poses a serious threat to the safety of the community as a whole. We have asked that the boxes be closed but to no avail. What will happen if someone touches the open buzzbars etc inside the box?”
“Who will take responsibility if someone dies or loses a limb, just because the open boxes are not taken seriously,” he continued.


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