Janelle House visits Sasol game reserve


Thirteen children of Janelle House, situated in Evander, were given an experience of a lifetime when they visited Sasol’s game reserve in Secunda. It was an overwhelming encounter for the children who have only seen wild animals in photos, but never form close proximately, as being presented in Sasol’s game sanctuary. Emile Blaauw was the teacher and tour guide and he transferred and used his field, animal and bird knowledge to make the visit extra special for the children. Different antelope species and birds were identified at length by Emile, one of the several outstanding communications with the children, was the education into the different antelope droppings, which Emile collected, through touching and smelling of the droppings by the children. The highlight of the excursion was the close by observation of the Rhinoceroses. This meeting with the Rhinos was used to educate the poaching and killing of these magnificent animals to the children.
SADFA wishes to extend their gratitude in the first place to the Sasol environment department for the opportunity to educate our youth to the saving of our wildlife heritage. Thank you, Daan Loock and Emile Blaauw for your arrangements and teaching. – Aart Reedijk


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