The word carom, which simply means any strike and rebound, was in use in reference to billiards by at least 1779, sometimes spelled “carrom”
Sources differ on the origin. It has been pegged variously as a shortening of the Spanish and Portuguese word carambola or the French word carambole, which are used to describe the red object ball.
In modern French the word carambolage means “successive collision”, currently used mainly in reference to carom or cannon shots in billiards and to multiple-vehicle car crashes.
In three-cushion billiards, sometimes called three-cushion carom or carambole, the object is to carom off both object balls with at least three rail cushions being contacted before the contact of the cue ball with the second object ball. Three-cushion is a very difficult game. Averaging one point per inning is professional-level play and averaging 1.5 to 2 points is world-class play. An average of one means that for every turn at the table, a player makes 1 point and misses once, thus making a point on 50% of his or her shots.
Panda’s Cue Sport is one of only 5 venues in South Africa with a carom table.
Carom Ranking events will soon take place at Panda’s Cue Sport and the respective participants could participate at the South African Championships.
The South African Champion will participate at the Africa Championships.
Carom (three-cushion Billiards) is currently one of the Cue Sport disciplines accepted and played at the
The World Games 2021 in Birmingham.
Could we see a South African in the African team at the World Games from PANDA’S?
Keep an eye out in next week’s The Bulletin Newspaper for the follow up of this new and exciting eight part piece!
In other exciting news… Panda’s Cue sport will be hosting their semifinals and finals on Wednesday, 21 August, this will be streamed live by The Bulletin and by Panda’s Cue Sport on their Facebook pages.
Do not miss out and tune in for all the excitement!
For more information contact Hendry Erasmus 083 280 4712


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