Warrior Kickboxing

SAKMAA (South African Korean Martial Arts Association) National Championships 3 - 4 August at Madiba Hall, Potchefstroom. Front: Sensei George van Diggelen. Middle: Elijah Sobaren, Annette Botha, Clifford van Diggelen, Christopher Sharp. Back: Yentl van Diggelen, Pieter Geldenhuys, Barry Gous, John-Henry Kaschula. Not on the photo (also attend): Nicolene Nell, Jonathan van der Merwe, Stephan Serfontein. They all did, Combat weapons Sparring, Point sparring, Continuous Sparring. Yentl van Diggelen, Nicolene Nell and Christopher Sharp did Traditional Form. They were again the best of the best. They achieve: Gold x 17, Silver x 5, Bronze x 4. Out of these National Championship, the team for SA’s will be chosen out of this team.


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