Netball Fundraiser a Blast

The motto of the day was “If you are more fortunate than others, build a longer table, not a taller fence”!

1st - Death Squat

In March 2019, after a netball camp at the former Protea Netball Coach, Elize Kotze’s Raloka Netball Camp, three local girls from Highschool Secunda’s First Netball team was selected to an invitational team to compete in the 3rd Annual Mauritius Netball Tournament.
Elrize Gräbe, Luné Meyer and Faith Chivas, will be coached by Elize Kotze and Erin Burger, a current Protea Netball player. The exposure and experience the girls will take from this Tournament is enormous and can only further their netball careers.
The girls are however responsible to pay the total costs of their tour which is approximately R 28 000 each. In order to assist them in raising the necessary funds, KG Fit Gym and Secunda Action Sport Centre hosted a fun filled Action Netball Tournament on the 13th of July 2019.
The motto of the day was “If you are more fortunate than others, build a longer table, not a taller fence”!
Thirteen teams entered and it is safe to say, they all had a blast!! The Death Squad Team took overall 1st place with Highschool Secunda’s U/16 team, The Dream Team, taking 2nd place. Highschool Secunda’s U/14 team, Team Roggebou came in third.
The ultimately successful event once again showed that when a community stand together, they can achieve great things.
Kare Gräbe from KG Fit Gym said that they are looking to make this an annual event in raising funds for local netball players who may also need funds for tours like Elrize, Luné and Faith.
The three young ladies expressed their gratitude to every player who gave up their time to enter the event, the organizers, the sponsors and especially Mariska Lubbe from Secunda Action Sport Centre for hosting the event and Mrs Chantelle Opperman who had an enormous influence in all three players netball careers to date.

2nd place – Dream Team
3rd place – Team Roggebou
Iron Rebels
Liquarice Allsorts…..youngest team to enter
Faith Chivas, Elrize Gräbe, Luné Meyer and Mrs Chantelle Operman


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