Bethal water problems continue

The excuses ranged from stolen water to broken and old pipes.


Bethal has been plagued with water supply problems for a very long time. Bethal suffered the most during the December 2018 and January 2019 period. During this time water supply was non-existent for up to 26 days!
In an article dated 18 January 2019, The Bulletin wrote the following: “The problems at Bethal just compounded the whole water issue. Water is not being pumped into the reservoir at Bethal Rand. When water is finally pumped into the reservoir it is only for a short time or only until it is full. The reservoir then must feed a large section of Bethal and soon dries up. Some residents have been without water for over 26 days!”
In an article dated 11 January 2019, The Bulletin wrote the following; “Residents questions to the municipality are answered with a number of different answers. It ranges from “it’s filling up” to “Rand Water is pumping at 100%” and water will be opened after the reservoir level is enough for distribution.”
The water problems once again rose to the forefront when Bethal’s water once again dried up. The hardest hit was once again the same areas, Bethal Rand, extension 3 and extension 8.
During the water problems at the beginning of the year several people donated water to the residents of Bethal. People cried when they received water.
The excuses ranged from stolen water to broken and old pipes. At one stage there was talk of a pump problem and water disappearing between Bethal and Trichardt. Michelle Viljoen Rademeyer, of the FF+, arranged a water truck to help with the water supply. A lot of people also donated water from their boreholes.
Next story was that Rand Water had a breakdown and the Mayor said, according to Michelle, that Rand Water is working on the problem. On 1 July the problem still persisted with GMM supplying several water trucks to alleviate the problem.
Then came the most shocking news… Water is being syphoned between Bethal and Trichardt. According to a source in the municipality, the water is drained through illegal connections.
According to those sources several cases of theft have been made at the Trichardt Police station. The Bulletin has not been able to verify these claims and visited the area to try and ascertain the origin of these allegations.
The Bulletin was unable to confirm the claims of water theft. A few photographs and videos were doing the rounds giving substance to the claims of water theft.
Next, a pipe burst in Davel road, compounding to the problems.
The following Whatsapp was received from GMM: “Please be informed that, during our water leaks investigations in region 1, we discovered another 200 mm pipe burst next to SPCA in Bethal town.”
“The Pipe could not be repaired,” said Michelle, “they said that they will keep me informed as to when it will be repaired.”
Festenstein Street saw a 450 mm pipe rupture causing the whole town to be without water. Michelle Viljoen Rademeyer, of the FF+, kept informing the public to fill up their containers with water. “Two more pipes ruptured. GMM are trying to fix all the breakdowns and leaks.” Said Michelle, “The water will have to be stopped completely for a day or two to repair all the problems.” – Ané Prinsloo


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