Local economic development summit

Most of the speakers present on the day were not local and this frustrated the community.


Local economic development is an integral part in the community. It helps the local economy grow and is seen as one of the most effective ways to combat poverty. On Thursday, 27 June, Govan Mbeki Municipality hosted their Local Economic Development Summit at Lillian Ngoyi Centre.
The welcoming was done by Govan Mbeki Municipality’s Municipal Manager, MR MF Mndebele and the keynote address was delivered by the Executive Mayor, Cllr T Ngxonono.
The main themes of the summit were: industrialise, diversity, incubate and educate for economic prosperity.
To industrialise a local economy will enable companies to hire more people locally and ensure they have the necessary skills to empower themselves. Diversity will bring the community together to ensure that the local economy grows and new skill sets can be brought into the economy. To incubate the local economy will ensure that local business owners have a support structure to ask for advice should the need be there.
Educating the local community and young business owners is of paramount importance. The young business owner is the key to local economic growth.
Most of the speakers present on the day were not local and this frustrated the community. The summit erupted at one point. The community stood up and said that they should rather be presenting than the people who know nothing about the local economic structure in the area. This enraged the community even more. Cllr Ngxonono spoke to the enraged crowd and tried to calm them down. She was met with contempt and the crowd stood their ground.
– Ané Prinsloo


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