Quarrels at Davieshof Annual General Meeting

With all the formalities dealt with, the meeting was set to start. Unlike other AGMs, this AGM was just to select new board members


According to the Oxford dictionary an annual general meeting is defined as: A yearly meeting of the members or shareholders of a club, company, or other organisation, especially for holding elections and reporting on the year’s events.
On Saturday, 18 May, Davieshof held its Annual General Meeting.
The outgoing chairman, Pastor Jackie van Dyk, opened the morning with a prayer and a reading from Philippians 2:3: “Do nothing from selfish ambition or conceit, but in humility count others more significant than yourselves.”
With all the formalities dealt with, the meeting was set to start. Unlike other AGMs, this AGM was just to select new board members. It was clearly stated that no other items would be discussed or entertained except that of electing new board members.
The residents and other members of the public who were present, proposed names of people they thought would make a difference on the board. Eight names were proposed of which only 4 would be elected. Two residents were also proposed, but after careful consideration, one of the residents nominated decided that she did not want to serve on the board should she be chosen.
Before the voting started, the candidates were able to introduce themselves and explain what they would bring to the board should they elected and how. Some of the candidates were not present and their views were presented by those who nominated them.
The voting started and 2 members of the public attending the meeting were chosen to count the votes. The nominees stood in front of the crowd so that everyone could see who they voted for. Votes were counted and the new board and resident representative were announced.
An upset started after voting, as those present were told they only had two votes per person as opposed to voting for each nominee. The outgoing board members were asked about the constitution and why it was not made available to the residents of Davies Court. Naomi Victor, outgoing director of Davieshof, stated that there was one, but for the past ten years every time they made an appointment with the municipality to sign the Memorandum of Understanding, the appointment would be cancelled. It is unclear what bearing the unsigned Memorandum of Understanding had on the constitution of Davieshof and the availability to residents of Davies Court thereof. The question was also asked if each and every resident had a copy of the constitution but the question was brushed off and it was reiterated by the outgoing chairperson that it stated, in the constitution, that a person could only vote twice. There was no way of confirming this claim.
The Bulletin was promised last year that this constitution would be made available to the Bulletin, but to no avail.
With no concrete evidence the crowd present was extremely upset and called the whole thing a farce. The issue raised by the residents in the previous AGM regarding Davies Court, Davieshof and the Govan Mbeki Municipality remains a thorn in the flesh for most residents.
The questions that remain now is why did they call it an AGM if it was in fact only a board election meeting? Should it not then just have been called a board election meeting? Why have the residents of Davieshof not received the constitution as of yet after all these years? And why shrug off important questions from concerned residents and community members? What is being hidden and why? – Ané Prinsloo


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