Misty Waters rocked everyone’s socks off again

The Black Cat Bones opened for Fokofpolisiekar and ensured everyone was in the mosh pit head banging and arms in the air!


The past weekend Misty Waters music festival rocked Secunda. This three-day open-air festival has been running for 3 years and this year was my first time attending.
On Friday morning, 10 May, the excitement was palpable at Lake Umuzi and Kamp Oase. Everyone was running around: campers were setting up camp, food trucks were being set up, bars were being stocked and in the cold morning breeze the men braved the cold water to ensure the Misty Waters sign would be up and ready to burn.
The later in the afternoon, the busier it became. At 17:00 Zebra ran on stage to open Misty Waters. The mystical three-day music adventure was kicked off rocking! Friday night was spectacular and it wasn’t over because the party continued until the early hours of the morning in front of the bon fire.
Saturday, 11 May, was a bit of a slow start for all the party animals, but when the first band started playing at 12:00, Earl Grey & Croquet, the energetic vibe returned to the Kamp Oase terrain. Slowly, but surely, their music started to pull everyone back to the stage area. Saturday was also the day no one could wait for… The Black Cat Bones, Fokofpolisiekar and Straatligkinders were on the cards. There is no need for any introduction with these three legendary South African bands.
The Black Cat Bones opened for Fokofpolisiekar and ensured everyone was in the mosh pit head banging and arms in the air! They ensured that their music made the mood electrifying. Fokofpolisiekar hit the stage for their sound check and the crowd went ballistic. “Francois! Francois! Francois!”
At that point, I was backstage and felt the energy surge through me, Francois van Coke was standing next to me and hearing the crowd go mad, created a contradictory moment. The calm he exuded reflected the mark of true showmanship.
Once he had run on stage, the energy erupted! Hemel op die Platteland was their opening song and the crowd sang the song with the band. There were people on top of another’s shoulders and no words could explain their performance that night except, maybe, mystical and enchanting!
With Saturday setting up high expectations Sunday, 12 May, was more laid back and being the last day of the festival, everyone was sad to leave, but this did not dampen anyone’s mood. At 11:00 The Lebowski hit the stage, but the big act everyone was waiting for and the festival’s closing band was Spoegwolf.
Spoegwolf invited everyone on stage and seats were brought onto the stage for people to sit and enjoy the show. That was a perfect ending to the three days of rock, blues, folk and indie.
The festival was amazing, but what was even more interesting was what was going on behind the scenes. To set up the sound is a total of 14 and a half hours. There were approximately 600 cables on stage, 54 lights and 35 speakers were used. 10 of these speakers were 20 HTL-6 speakers and 6 were subwoofers. To pack up all this equipment and ensure that nothing was lost, forgotten or had to be repacked at the warehouse, took 7 hours or the 7-hour strike as the sound team from Fame Productions calls it.
The team of organisers: Dian Rosslee, Alistair Rosslee and Rolin Booysen, took 7 months to get everything in place. Even though they looked calm on the outside, on the inside they were running through all the plans ensuring everything is perfect.
I would highly recommend Misty Waters to any rock enthusiast. It was my first festival and it shall definitely not be my last! – Ané Prinsloo

Photo’s by Carel Greyling


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