Wynand du Toit visits Mukumbura shell hole

One lucky reader will stand the chance to win one of his books.


Wynand du Toit, the name tends to ring a bell somewhere. The older generation of men will be the first to respond with, “yes man, he is that recce that was caught in Angola during the border war.” It was a big blow to the troops to think that one of their own was caught.
Wynand du Toit was born in 1958 and grew up on a wheat farm in the Western Cape. He joined the military on a permanent basis in 1977. After obtaining his B. Mil degree (Bachelor’s degree in Military Science), he successfully underwent Special Forces selection and training. He became a seaborne operator at 4 Reconnaissance Regiment at Langebaan in the Cape from where he partook in several operations until he was captured during a raid on the oil-rich enclave of Cabinda, Angola. After spending two-and-a-half years in solitary confinement in an Angolan prison, he was released during an elaborate prisoner swop in Maputo, Mozambique. He retired from the military at age 31 with the rank of Lieutenant- Colonel.
He excelled as a public and motivational speaker, started farming operations in South Africa, Namibia and Angola while conducting various other projects such as Transportation to Angola, Security Services and commercial construction.
His stint as an Executive Outcomes mercenary in Angola after the end of the border war, served him well to pick up his ties and connections with his previous opponents and captors. He served as Chairman of the Kalkplato Farmers Association in Namibia, represented them as a Labour delegate at the Namibian Farmers Union. He was a member of the Gauteng Master Builders Association and became the Vice-President of Congo Agriculture in the outset of the farming expedition in the Republic of the Congo. He is currently farming part time on his farm Belle Terre, in the Republic of the Congo (Brazzaville).
It was during this period of time that he had decided to start writing his life story in two books, called Judas Goat and Josefskleed. This true-life drama was followed by three more wartime fiction books. His books are available in Afrikaans and English.
He is currently writing full time whenever he is not engaged in any farm activities in the Congo. His program is furthermore filled with public appearances and motivational addresses.
Wynand was decorated several times and received the National Order of Merit of the Republic of the Congo in February 2014.
Wynand started by explaining about the books that he wrote and then moved onto some of the operations that he undertook ending with the one during which he was captured.
He also used the opportunity to tell people about his 2,5 years in solitary confinement.
Wynand instilled hope into the listeners. Thank you Wynand for sharing a horrid experience with the veterans.
One lucky reader will stand the chance to win one of his books.
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