2215 streetlights could have been fixed

This is very irresponsible and totally unacceptable in a bankrupt municipality. This municipality is unable to provide basic services to residents and cannot pay creditors such as Eskom and Rand Water.


At least 2215 streetlights could have been fixed with the money that was spent on the recent strategic session held at Badplaas.
According to one of the local electrical suppliers, a Sylvania Mercury Lamp (High Pressure Standard) 250W is selling at a cost of R75,47 inclusive of VAT. The actual costs for the strategic session held at Badplaas amounted to R167 170. It is unclear if this amount includes VAT. The costs are set to be far higher than the conference costs alone as there would have been costs added for facilitators, overtime for drivers etc. The letter that was circulated and The Bulletin reported on, indicates fifty-two staff members and politicians that attended the strategic session. The guests that made use of the sleeping arrangements amounted to 60 and the conference delegation totalled 62.
In a response to the media reports, Mr Benzi Ka-Soko, Chief of Staff, Govan Mbeki Municipality wrote: “We have noted the media interest in the GMM Strategic Planning Session. This media interest seems to cast aspersions on this Strategic Planning Session as if the leadership of the municipality has committed a crime by organising this Session. For starters, it should be categorically stated that there is no crime committed in organising the Strategic Planning Session. We want to place it on record that the Strategic Planning Session is a very serious important business in the Local Government sphere. It is through the StratPlan that we must produce possible workable solutions that are bedevilling the municipality. It is through the StratPlan that we must provide both the prognosis and diagnosis of the challenges and eventually the roadmap that will finally extricate the institution from these stubborn challenges. We are therefore executing this assignment with diligence, commitment and professionalism befitting its fundamentality. We are not going to be bogged down by the criticism that is aimed at distracting our attention from the task at hand.” He continued, “History has placed us in this epoch in order to turn the municipality around for the better.”
Michael Holenstein, OUTA Local’s Regional Manager, says: “This is unacceptable for a municipality which was placed under a mandatory intervention a few months ago and which can’t pay its Eskom and Rand Water bills.”
Govan Mbeki is one of five municipalities in which the Mpumalanga Provincial Government intervened in October 2018, in terms of the Municipal Finance Management Act. The expected cost to the municipality is in the region of R1 500 per person per day, excluding any other costs such as facilitators, transport and beverages. The bill, which the community will have to pay, is expected to be more than R250 000.
“This is very irresponsible and totally unacceptable in a bankrupt municipality. This municipality is unable to provide basic services to residents and cannot pay creditors such as Eskom and Rand Water. Where is the Provincial Executive in all of this?” says Holenstein.
“OUTA calls on the Provincial Executive to place the municipality under administration – a much stronger form of intervention – by invoking Section 139(1)(c) of the Constitution.
This involves dissolving the municipal council and appointing an administrator.”
The issue continues to be a burning issue within the Govan Mbeki Municipality. The question as to who will be footing the bill has not been addressed yet.
The following comments were received on the Bulletin’s original Facebook post:
Sanette Henning: Spend Spend Spend!!!! Waste taxpayers money for a free holiday. Why not use the municipality boardroom. Just wonder if kids and spouses also joined the Badplaas trip?
Kick this mayor out!!!!!!!!
Mjebha Afrotainment Mtsweni Members of Embalenhle community (Govern Mbeki Municipality forum) were arrested by SAPS for getting into drug dealer›s apartments, taking all the drugs and sending them to the cops together with the drug dealers. The GMM forum started this anti-corruption & anti-crime movement because the very same local government and SAPS are failing them. And today members of the forum are getting arrested while the drug dealers are freed by the cops.
Entlik I’m speechless. This is very sad..this it’s involve the premier Mis Mtsweni and the Evendar police station commander Mr Mhlanga…and Anc it’s involve…..its funny because they are trying to create a case against them……they should be dealing with this case rather than spending our tax money…. Thandi Ngxonono mayor… Wake up…
Tlou H Tlou Wasting money that they can›t even generate. We are all doomed. What are they strategising?? On how to spend without thinking about the community?


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