Fly in at Teksa Radio Model Club

The spectators were treated to some excellent flying.


Model enthusiasts converged on the small airfield outside of Trichardt on Saturday. There were various aircraft on display. The trusty “Stick” dominated the field. Some of the larger aircraft boasted engines of 120cc.
There were even electric engines. At one stage there were three planes, that looked the same, in the air at the same time. This made it extremely difficult to follow your own plane.
The spectators were treated to some excellent flying. Unfortunately, one of the large kit planes were lost when it dove into the ground just after doing a slow fly by.
It takes a long time to assemble or even build a plane, the loss of such a plane is felt by everyone at the airfield.
As the sun set in the west, planes were disassembled, radios put in their boxes and everyone revelled in the success of yet another fly-in by TRMC.


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