Dazzle the nine lives kitten

Dazzle survived again!

Dazzle the sleeping beauty

Dazzle is a 4-month-old adopted kitten. Juanette Joubert adopted Dazzle through Little Paws Big Hearts and as soon as she saw little Dazzle’s face, she knew that there was nowhere else the kitten belonged but with her!
When Dazzle was found, she only weighed 400 g and was severely dehydrated. With healing hands Dazzle was nursed back to health by Santie Combrink from Little Paws Big Hearts. Through her care Dazzle survived.
Once Juanette adopted Dazzle the spoiling began. She is after all her mother’s baby… Until one gloomy Thursday morning when an unfortunate accident occurred.
As Juanette reversed out of her garage, she ensured her baby Dazzle was not nearby and closed the automated garage doors. Then with shock and terror brewing inside her she realised the garage door closed on Dazzle! She jumped out of the car and immediately tended to Dazzle. She phoned her husband and he came straight from work and took the shocked cat mother and kitten to the Evander Animal Clinic. Upon arrival Dr Gemma did everything she could but Dazzle’s chances looked bleak.
The x-rays came back and Dazzle’s chest and lungs were filled with blood, but luckily nothing was broken. The hurdle was when Dazzle had to stay on oxygen and there were no night staff to stay with Dazzle.
The phone calls started and everyone jumped in to help. Yvette and Shayne van den Heever, from Langamed, heard the outcry for help and decided to assist in this unusual situation. The oxygen machine they used is portable and this assisted Juanette to keep an eye on Dazzle at her home. The machine costs R700 per day to rent normally.
After just two days on oxygen, Dazzle was ready to play again! The dark cloud lifted and the end line was crossed… Dazzle survived again! – Ané Prinsloo

Dazzle’s chest x-ray
Dazzle at the Evander Animal hospital


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