Record entries for PwC Kosmos 3-in-1


Saturday, 9 March, saw the completion of yet another gruelling yet successful PwC Kosmos 3-in-1 race. It was blood sweat and tears as runners tackled the individual races.
There was yet again a record number of entries as the PwC Kosmos 3-in-1 continues to grow as one of the most popular races around. With over 8300 entries it is clearly the race to be competing in.
The morning started very early as runners and supporters alike tackled the access road to the start of the 42.2 km race and the first leg of the PwC Kosmos 3-in-1. The start was packed with 2558 entries. Those runners that did not make it to the front took a very long time before they could start running.
The marathon section was ran at a blistering pace with weather suitable for good running. The day only heated up around lunch time and the runners could enjoy running in cooler, rainier weather in the morning.
The next race, 21.1 km, took place in the middle of the day. It was difficult to rest properly after the gruelling 42. 2 km race. Fortunately, runners could visit the massage tent to have professional staff massage their weary legs.
The 2733 entrants took to the shorter route and ran a fast time but could not break the record.
The last race, the 10 km, started at 17H00 with 3015 entrants hoping to set a good time. The route was shorter but still took its toll on the 3-in-1 entrants. The day was a huge success and congratulations to Secunda Marathon Club for helping to organise such an event. With a record 8306 entrants it is clear that the PwC Kosmos 3-in-1 is growing every year in popularity. The 42. 2 km race is also a Comrades Marathon qualifier.
The water points were a competition on its own. The creativity was tested with new ideas on how to win the sought-after trophy as the best water point. Laerskool Secunda took the overall first place as the best water point! Well done!
Thank you to all the sponsors for making this race possible, without the sponsors it would be difficult to host an event such as this:
PwC (the main sponsor), Secunda Marathon Club, Lake Umuzi, Sanitech, Mediclinic, Finishtime, The Bulletin, Interwaste, Modern Athlete, Coca-Cola and #runclean.
As the sun set on Lake Umuzi, runners and supporters alike settled down to rest their weary bones and as the gazebos were packed, the sound died down and a quietness settled on Lake Umuzi only to be broken by the occasional cheers of those that still enjoyed a well deserved iced drink.


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