Hoërskool Oosterland beats Hoërskool Delmas


A festive atmosphere reigned at Hoërskool Oosterland (Oosies) on Friday, 8 March, as they faced Delmas in Rugby, Hockey and Netball. There were a number of small stalls where one could purchase various sweet things. The Cafeteria served various items including “slap chips” and Boerewors rolls. But all the attention was focused on the various sports fields where fierce battles were fought, all in good spirit of course.
Oosterland did well against their worthy opponents. Both Oosterland and Delmas displayed good discipline and the respective headmasters can be proud of their children.
The various scores and results are as follows: Netball: U/14 A: 22 – 5. U/14 B: 7 – 5. U/15 A drew 15 each. U/16A: 19 – 13. 2nds: 17 – 6 and the 1st team won 23 – 12. Chess: Oosies lost with one point, 9,5 to 10,5. Rugby: U/14 lost 19 – 7. U/15: 44 – 7. U/16 lost 26 – 19. 2nds won 29-22. 1st team won 49 – 10. Hockey: U/14 lost 1 – 3. U/15 drew 1 – 1. U/16 lost 0 – 10. 2nds won 4 – 1. Girls 1st team lost 0 – 2 and the Boys 1st team won 4 – 0.
The rugby game was played against an equal opponent but one that lacked the will to win such as Oosies did. Oosterland played an attacking game from the kick-off, creating pressure that Delmas never really knew how to counter. The boys from Delmas looked slightly larger but could not capitalise on their size advantage. This does not mean that Delmas didn’t try, they surely did but was met with determined defence every time they tried to break through Oosterland’s defences. Oosterland scored at regular intervals and kept the scorecard ticking. The forwards played as a unit and was seldom seen resting in the backline if ever. The support was always there when needed. The scrums coped well against a slightly stronger group of forwards and managed to push back on a few occasions. The lineouts seemed well rehearsed and very little ball was lost in the lineouts. The back line attacked with vigour and managed to create an overlap on several occasions. This thinned the defence lines of Delmas and Oosies had options for attacking. The overall performance of Oosterland was that of a well-trained team, a team that is playing together as a team.
This is a good platform for the rest of the games.


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