Dieter Uken loses fight with cancer on Wednesday, 30 January

“I am trusting God with my cancer.”


Little did Louis Amstrong know what impact his words would have when he sang the song: “What a wonderful world.
I think to myself what a wonderful world
And I see friends shaking hands saying how do you do? They’re really saying I love you”
It was a favourite of Dieter Uken and in all my contact with Dieter this is what I experienced.
Life did not treat Dieter the way we might have wanted but I remember his words to me the one day when we were planning to make men more aware of men’s health issues. “I am trusting God with my cancer.”
I knew one thing about Dieter, he had a very firm unwavering belief in God and that was the one trait that I respected the most. No doubt just belief.
Cancer plagued Dieter for a long time but he coped with it silently with the support of his family and friends.
Dieter had a profound impact on my life and I believe he had the same on several others.
Music was his life and he was an excellent entertainer as well as an excellent Master of Ceremonies.
But most of all, he was a man of integrity and unwavering faith.
We will miss his good nature, his smile and his music. Most of us will go on with our lives as if nothing ever happened, but for some of us we will always feel that sense of loss and longing to have Dieter back in our lives.
As for Dieter, I’m sure that he is singing in Gods choir.
As for me, I enjoyed knowing him.
I will always sing the following words with a small prayer for Dieter’s family and a tear in my heart.
“I think to myself what a wonderful world”
Dieters memorial service will be held at the Lighthouse Church on Friday, 8 February at 11H00.

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