Electrical shock causes Little girls death.

“We will not leave it here,” said Hennie, “The family lost a child through negligence and incompetence and nothing will change that. She is gone and now we have a grieving family.”

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Mechaela Schroeder 7 years that died on 14 December 2018

Little Mechaela Schroeder (7) will never be able to play in the bath again. Mechaela lost her life last night (14 December 2018) when faulty cabling charged all the plumbing in their home in Bethal. She had been playing in the bath with some “glow in the dark” sticks and had them in a cup with foam and as she reached for the tap to open the water an electrical shock surged through her tiny body. “She loved to open the taps and add more water,” said her devastated Mom, Lorainne, “We think that she wanted to pour more water into the cup.” Lorainne and her Husband Danny had difficulty in speaking to the Bulletin through their grief. Lorainne explained “there were power failures that night and when the power came back on around seven, I asked Mechaela if she wanted to bath as she looked like falling asleep on the couch.” “I went to the bathroom with her and I filled her bath. I sat with her for a while before I left for her room,” said Lorainne, “I was in and out a few times and the last time I heard a stifled yell. I rushed back to the bathroom where I found her standing in the bath touching the tap and her eyes rolled back.” “I called Danny and while he was calling for help I called Michelle Rademeyer, and she called the medics,” she continued, “Cindy Swart from PROV EMS stays quite near and responded quickly.” The paramedics tried to revive little Mechaela for approximately 30 minutes but eventually declared her dead. According to Hennie Rademeyer, the electrical problems at the Schroeder house have been ongoing for over a year. This has repeatedly been reported to Govan Mbeki Municipality but no solution nor any progress where forthcoming from the municipality. The Bulletin visited the family this afternoon and found a shocking situation concerning the electrical supply. Two wires extend from a supply point on the 380V supply line to the Schroeder house. According to the Schroeder’s every time that the wind blows the wires will touch the house and make sparks on the roof. The response they received from the municipality is that their circuit breakers should have tripped. “The circuit breakers will only trip if the short is on the inside of the house,” Said Hennie, “the municipality’s breakers should trip if the short is before the distribution board in the house.” The connection at the poles from the main supply nearly resembles a crow’s nest. “These types of connections should have been terminated a long time ago and proper cables laid,” said Hennie, “there is evidence of a circuit breaker or trip switch on the supply to the house across the road but none on the Schroeders house.” The Bulletin witnessed the supply and it resembles the connections that one encounter when encountering illegal connections. “We will not leave it here,” said Hennie, “The family lost a child through negligence and incompetence and nothing will change that. She is gone and now we have a grieving family.” The Bulletin would like to convey their deepest sympathy with Danny and Lorraine Schroeder as well as their other daughter. No words can soften the hurt when something like this happens, even more so if it could have been prevented. The municipality could not be reached at the time of writing this article but the Bulletin would endeavour to get some answers for the family.

The Bulletin NewsThe Bulletin News

The Bulletin NewsThe Bulletin News


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