Media treated by Sasol

Everyone enjoyed it and had a spectacular time!

The Bulletin News

The media was in for a big surprise on Friday, 7 December, when Sasol hosted a media engagement session at the Sasol Recreation Club Guesthouse.
The media was entertained by Mabuto from Sasol Biodiversity educating the media about the environment and how many species of animals live amongst us that we are not aware of. He also spoke about the different ecosystems and how each one depends on the other. After the presentation, everyone got into a bus and the adventure into Sasol’s game camp started. The camp is 800 hectares with various species of antelope, a breeding pair of Secretarybirds and two rhinos. Some of the antelope include: Oryx, Springbok, Red hartebeest and Sable. The two rhinos are extremely tame and walked up to the bus and seemed as if they wanted to join everyone inside the bus!
During the game drive, Mabuto was constantly explaining to the media about the different ecosystems too. He also informed the media about trapping and putting a GPS collar on the animals to track the animal’s movements and the locations they roam.
The day ended with an amazing meal at the Guesthouse at Sasol Recreation Club. Everyone enjoyed it and had a spectacular time! – Ané Prinsloo


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