Miracle Boy Wouter returned to school

There is just no stop to this little miracle boy.

The Bulletin News

On 2 December 2017, the Bulletin reported about the accident on the N17 when Chantel Swanepoel lost control of her vehicle and rolled. Wouter, her son, was ejected from the vehicle and sustained serious head and chest injuries. After Shayne and his personnel from Langamed stabilised little Wouter, Shayne made the decision to have Wouter airlifted to Lenmed in Randfontein.
After months in the hospital and later in a rehabilitation centre Wouter was finally discharged on 13 April. The Bulletin arranged a surprise for Wouter with all the people that were involved in saving this special boy’s life (Bulletin of 20 April).
Wouter’s father Dirk is still keeping the Bulletin informed on a regular basis of Wouter’s progress and we recently received the good news that Wouter went back to school! They only anticipated that Wouter would be going back to school in 2019 but Wouter surprised them all.
There is just no stop to this little miracle boy. Good luck Wouter with all you are about to achieve in life and we hope that 2019 will be an excellent year for you!


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