Kinross residents are fed up!!!

United we stand as Kinross residents!

The Bulletin News

The residents of Kinross Town finally stood together and in one voice are challenging the Govan Mbeki Municipality concerning the deterioration of their town. Residents feel like they have been quiet for too long. Time to unite and to put a stop to all this has finally come.
During a meeting held at Xabisa Guest House in Kinross a number of concerns were raised. The latest problem that seems to break the camel’s back, is the issue of cattle roaming the area and kraals that are allowed to be built near the residences.
What triggered their anger was the granting of permission by Municipality to the residents of Marikana to build kraals for their cattle and pigs very close to the Kinross Town residential areas. This is seen as a health hazard. In proximity of the cattle and kraals, there is also a cemetery. There is no respect shown to the families who have buried their loved ones.
The Municipality did not consult the residents about these plans and had the residents been consulted, they would not have granted permission. Shacks for the shepherds are gradually springing up and there is no water and sanitation for these dwellers.
The residents are now meeting regularly to identify their concerns. The ward councillors for Kinross Town residents are Rose Nkabinde and Ben Makola. They have repeatedly been invited to the meetings but to no avail. The Bulletin has in the past reported on the doings of these councillors.
The next item was the dumping site. This dumping site continually catches fire and smoke is blown over the town. The Kinross dumping site is already full and must be fenced up and an alternative site for dumping must be found. It is also a health hazard as papers and waste are blown back to residents’ areas and the golf course.
The recycling centre in Dorfan street is of great concern, the panel beaters also raise the temperature of the residents. The residents feel that this is poor planning as the bad smell, rats etc., is degrading their town. A business such as a recycling business or a panel beater should be moved to an industrial area. The Municipality should not grant permission for such businesses to be in the centre of town and it takes away the dignity of the town. Such businesses must be in an industrial area. The residents are demanding their removal.
George’s Tavern degrades the dignity of Kinross town. The Tavern is situated in the main street and is frequented by drunks and sex workers alike. The tavern also contributes to the filthiness of the town.
Empty bottles and general filthiness show that this town is not taken seriously. The drunkards urinate on pavements. This is the general behaviour of the tavern visitors.
Kinross town is the hub of prostitution and we demand the municipality curb this.
The new development that is springing into life known as extension 30 (or 33) is a great concern for everybody.
There was no public consultation process conducted with residents of Kinross Town. The residents firmly believe that the proximity of these houses will have an increase in crime in the area.
The Govan Mbeki Municipality must learn to consult before embarking on such big projects.
This project will lead to the depreciation of their properties.
The lack of maintenance by GMM officials led to a deterioration in the road surfaces and potholes are now everywhere. Most streets in the residential areas are full of potholes and are generally neglected. This also depreciates our properties. Rates are constantly increasing, but no service delivery. There is a degradation of almost everything in Kinross.
Sewerage pipes have been leaking for years unattended and storm drains have been blocked due to spillage of old oil by the panel beaters. After heavy rains pools of water are found in the middle of the road. As ratepayers, they demand the dignity of their town back.
The Govan Mbeki Municipality is accountable for the poor state of this town and they demand that Kinross residents be treated with dignity and want to be involved in any project the municipality wants to embark on so that they can challenge if it is going to have a negative impact on their everyday lives.
United we stand as Kinross residents!


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