GMM accepts support plan

Govan Mbeki’s residents are growing increasingly angry about the way that the municipality is run and will no doubt welcome the integrated municipal support plan.

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Govan Mbeki Municipality held an Extraordinary Council Meeting on Thursday, 29 November.
An Integrated Municipal Support plan was adopted as resolution A109/11/2018.
This resolution is aimed at turning around the current challenges within the municipality.
The plan was not met with enthusiasm from the ANC councillors and heated arguments ensued regarding the involvement of Sasol in the plan.
Sasol has agreed to play an integral part in turning the municipality around by providing expertise.
This offer did not come without certain preconditions and it was these that had certain ANC councillors up in arms.
In the Budget Vote Speech of May 2018, the Minister of Co-operative Governance & Traditional
Affairs (COGTA) listed 87 priority municipalities which required urgent intervention. Four of these
municipalities are in the Mpumalanga Province namely: Govan Mbeki Municipality, Lekwa
Municipality, Emalahleni Municipality and the Thaba Chweu Municipality.
These municipalities were identified jointly by COGTA and the National Treasury due to the challenges
experienced particularly in areas of governance, service delivery and financial management.
As a result of the above challenges, the Department of Co-operative Governance jointly developed
an Integrated Municipal Support Plan wherein stakeholders like Sasol were recruited to provide
necessary resources to turn around the situation within the Govan Mbeki Municipality.
As part of the approach towards this intervention, the Department of Co-operative Governance and
the municipality engaged Sasol for financial intervention and resources while they also appointed a
service provider to develop the Simplified Revenue Enhancement Plan wherein a total budget of R1.7 million was allocated to the municipality for spending, following the Department of Co-operative Governance supply chain management processes.
To this date, a number of meetings were held between the Department of Co-operative Governance,
Govan Mbeki Municipality and Sasol to discuss the draft integrated municipal support plan and to reach a consensus on the process forward.
Sasol has committed to provide the needed support and resources. A council resolution accepting the plan and help from Sasol had to be taken.
The municipality is under tremendous pressure to get their house in order as the municipality is on the verge of collapse.
On13 November Benzi Ka-Soko, GMM Chief of Staff, released a media statement stating that the allegations of a collapse are not true.
Here are a few points out of that statement.
The allegations that GMM has collapsed should not be left unchallenged because they are fraught with glaring factual inaccuracies of the highest degree.
The Govan Mbeki Municipality has just recently acquired more than 20 vehicles with which to enhance the provision of quality service delivery to the people.
The municipality has, as recently as last week, handed over to the people the Charl Cilliers Multi-Purpose Centre, a Mobile Clinic and Sakhisizwe Bridge.
These facilities alone have brought about real hope and dignity to the residents of Charl Cilliers who had expressed their appreciation and happiness to the GMM Political and Administrative leadership during the Handover Ceremony.
The problem with the statement above is that the 20 vehicles were acquired with insurance payouts after the residents of eMbalenhle protested and burned the vehicles. The vehicles can also not really be used for their intended purposes as they cannot do refuse removal for example.
The Charl Cilliers Multi-Purpose Centre, a Mobile Clinic and Sakhisizwe Bridge are all results of the Social Labour commitments from companies such as Sasol and other mines around GMM. These were not acquired through any financial aid of GMM.
“Charl Cilliers is in bigger need of a proper sewer system than a multi-purpose centre,” says DA Cllr Mariaan Chamberlain.
GMM operated under the provincial appointed (or seconded) Municipal Manager but this was not acceptable to most of the ANC councillors.
Govan Mbeki’s residents are growing increasingly angry about the way that the municipality is run and will no doubt welcome the integrated municipal support plan.


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