Nkosinathi: a shining star with pottery

Keep moulding and painting Nkosinathi!

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Nkosinathi Zungu and Mrs Rika Mullineux

Nkosinathi Zungu is a 20-year-old student at the Marietjie School for LSEN and with the help of his teacher, Mrs Rika Mullineux, he is excelling in pottery and decorating said pottery. Teacher Rika previously took pottery classes when she worked in South Korea and discovered the pottery oven, wheel and moulds that had been bought by the school when she started at the beginning of 2018. The pottery wheel and oven were bought 3 years prior to Teacher Rika’s arrival at the school. She immediately knew that this would be a great skill to teach the children and she was the only one who knew how everything worked. It was decided that the first thing to be moulded should be coffee mugs. Everyone should have their own coffee mug and decorate it the way they wanted to! The children (an all-boys class) were ecstatic! From there they did tea sets: teapot, teacups, sugar bowl and milk jugs and many more projects. With each project, the boys became more and more creative. All were very excited to learn from their teacher. One day Nkosinathi told his teacher he wants to decorate a tea set and she did not think the end product would be an intricate floral design. Nkosinathi impressed her tremendously. He only grew better and better. His eye for detail is phenomenal and the joy in his face when showing off his hard work is evidence of the pride and love he has for what he does. Nkosinathi is definitely not scared to take on a challenge. He has painted pots with proudly South African brands like Black Cat and Illovo Syrup, just to name a few, all from pictures his teacher showed him. Every day he keeps impressing and every day he strives to improve the gift he was given. Not only is Nkosinathi’s pottery for sale at the school, but he was also chosen to be a leader for the second year in a row. The biggest worry for children like Nkosinathi is job security or rather any type of job after they leave the Marietjie School. The school is a safe haven and, as everyone knows, the outside world is not as forgiving. Thus, these skills that are taught to Nkosinathi and the rest of his class (and to all the children at Marietjie School) are of utmost importance to enable these young adults to not be seen as someone with challenges, but rather as someone with hidden potential, willingness to learn and pushing themselves to be the best they can. To be accepted to be imperfectly perfect. Nkosinathi is a star in the making because of Teacher Rika’s guidance, passion and willingness to teach and his willingness to learn. Keep moulding and painting Nkosinathi! – Ané Prinsloo


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