Never stop believing

Prince saw the picture of his future in front of him and kept his eyes firmly on each goal he had set for himself.

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Bonginkosi Ndlela was born in eMbalenhle and at 10, after visiting his uncle, he found a new path in his life. Bonginkosi, better known as Prince by most people, developed an academic appetite at a very young age. He had a desire to improve himself and really apply himself to see what the results would be and how far he could push himself. At 13 Prince received Christ and was introduced to the late Dr Myles Munroe. Dr Munroe was a Bahamian minister. Prince’s uncle, also a pastor, introduced him to the work of Dr Munroe one vacation when he went to visit him. Through one of the books he was given by his uncle he discovered The Pursuit of Purpose by Dr Munroe. After reading the book, Prince found himself on the road to self-discovery and he used what he had learned in the book and applied it to his everyday life and the choices he made. Prince became very involved with his church and school: “That is what saved me from making wrong choices like many of my peers and kept me on the right path.” He says this after he explained what a big role his own church’s pastor played and still plays in his life. Prince put all his energy into his schoolwork to have an opportunity to one day excel in the career he would choose. In 2009 when Prince went from an average student and started performing academically, many people were in disbelief asking questions like: what is going on, what happened to this boy that he started to perform this well? Even though questions were asked and friends were lost Prince saw the picture of his future in front of him and kept his eyes firmly on each goal he had set for himself. He was selected as part of a group to visit TUT (Tshwane University of Technology). It was beyond belief for the group to find out that there is actually something like a university. That was the point that pushed Prince to work harder because, to be able to attend university and be the first in the family to attend university, was an achievement to strive for, for anyone. He was selected to be part of Project A. Project A was an initiative of WITS University and was sponsored by many companies and the Department of Science and Technology. This project concentrated on the STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) initiative and was a talent development programme, a pre-university programme. This brought kids from all over the country together. With this opportunity, Prince’s work ethic was born. He attended WITS University on a scholarship and obtained his Honours degree in Industrial Engineering and burning with desire to do his Master’s Degree too. Today, at 24, he is a student engineer at Sasol and still makes time to give back to his community by helping Gr 10 kids with their schoolwork along with a few of his friends in eMbalenhle. They decided in 2014 to start this project to show children that no matter what, you can achieve your goals. He also preaches and is very much part of his church. – Ané Prinsloo


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