CANSA for kids

To create more awareness around this heart-rending condition.

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The CANSA team, consisting of Gisele Bosman and Natasha Philpott, hosted a walk for children’s cancer on Friday, 2 November, at Oranjegloed Primary to create more awareness around this heart-rending condition.
The cold did not scare any of the teachers or students away. Instead, the sound of children’s voices singing as they assembled in front of the starting point was heart-warming. The children all looked beautiful with yellow in their hair and the school’s yellow t-shirts that stuck out under their jerseys and jackets. Yellow is also the colour for Children with Cancer.
Grades 1 to 3 walked first, followed by grades 4 to 7 and all the children were well behaved and interactive when they were told more about sunscreen and eating their vegetables.
The walk was around the school’s netball fields, tennis courts, around the classroom buildings and back to the paved square where they all assembled to release some balloons. – Ané Prinsloo

The Bulletin NewsThe Bulletin News

The Bulletin News


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