Warrior Princesses brace the cold

900 Ladies participated in the event.

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Team IC Health

Saturday, 20 October, blew in princesses of all ages along with rain and cold. The rain and cold did not leave them hesitating. The ladies, young and old, braved the obstacle course set up by the event planners. 900 Ladies participated in the event.
There were puddles of mud, mud heaps to climb, a slippery slide and a makeshift mist rain body wash.
At one point in the obstacle course, the ladies had to climb into a mud puddle and swim underneath the water under a net without using their hands to push the net up.
After the underwater experience, they had to climb a mud heap and slide off the other side, once again falling into the muddy water.
Ladies had their mascara and lipstick smudged all over their faces and perfectly coiffed hair was wet, flat and all over the place.
Despite looking like terrified and sad clowns there were big smiles all around.
The Laerskool Goedehoop Warrior Princess 2018 was a spectacular event and enjoyed by all!
– Ané Prinsloo

The Bulletin NewsThe Bulletin News


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