Rain did not hamper final Waypoint Night Run

The Bulletin News

As darkness fell and the sky started to cry, the last Waypoint night run kicked off. With drops of rain drizzling down, one would think that the rain would keep the runners away and in bed at home with a cup of warm hot chocolate. True to themselves, come rain or shine, light or dark the runners, young and old, came in droves for the 10 km race and the fun run.
Before the race started, it was officially opened with a prayer to keep all the runners safe on the wet road and in the dark because of the lack of streetlights on some parts of the course. At 19:00 sharp the siren sounded and the 10 km race started. The 10 km race runners followed the pace car around the course and carefully navigated their way around the water puddles and streams in the road.
After the 10 km runners, it was the fun runners’ turn to enjoy their race. Children and adults of all ages were bursting with excitement to set off from the starting line and enjoy their race. They had to wait five minutes before they could start to give the 10 km runners a head start.
Ready… Set… Boooooooop the siren sounded! Out of the blocks, they sprang and into the fun race and they ran with smiles all round!
Even with the rain, 275 people pitched up for the 10 km race and 149 people for the 4.9 km fun run! Everyone who participated enjoyed the evening and received T-shirts at the end of the race.
This was the last time that Waypoint would sponsor the night race.
– Ané Prinsloo


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