Kinross stands together

Residents of the Kinross area came together to stand up for their basic needs like water and electricity.

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On Thursday evening, 11 October, the community of Kinross were misled by being told that the Kinross Tax Payers Association meeting was cancelled and the hall was booked for a prayer group. Dismay and despondency filled the Sasol Club in Thistle Grove as shoulders were hanging but not for long…
One of the residents, who had booked the hall, saved the day! The first hall was too small and residents were moved to the main hall. The main hall filled up very quickly as residents of the Kinross area came together to stand up for their basic needs like water and electricity.
Residents had the opportunity to raise their concerns and to decide together what to do next regarding the lack of water, electricity and other services not being delivered. A great number of suggestions were made by residents and it was decided to elect a committee. This committee will serve as representatives for the community and be the voice of the public to the municipality.
It was decided by all residents to take their garbage and drop it off at the municipal building in Kinross on Saturday, 13 October. There was a big turn out and the garbage piled up.
The committee was elected on a voluntary basis. The committee consists of 10 members who will now take the community’s concerns into consideration and legally organise the demands of the residents from Thistle Grove, Afghanistan, Kinross and surrounding areas.
Once all areas in Kinross have been heard, the committee will meet and decide on the best course of action for all residents and accordingly inform the community of decisions taken. – Ané Prinsloo

The Bulletin News
The new commitee: Donovan Frederick – Vice Chairman, Viki Paliam – Secretary, Faisel Karim – Chairman, Buti Matekane – Vice Secretary, Phyllis Arends, Khanyisa Mtshazi, Willem Cloete, Appanna Srivenkatas – Treasurer, Themba Mkhize and Siyabonga Mntawende.

The Bulletin News





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