The Mad Cow Aerobatic’s Team entertained the crowds

“You can do anything if you put your mind to!”

The Bulletin NEws

The Mad Cow Aerobatic Team flew into Secunda Airfield on Friday, 5 October, to entertain the spectators with an amazing array of tricks at Umuzi week of Festivals.
The team landed and dropped off their luggage and one passenger before starting the briefing before the flight. The team, led by Scully Levin, would walk their routine in the formation they would fly. On Captain Scully’s right hand was Sally Levin in number 2 position, on his left hand was Sean Thackwray in the number 3 position and Arnie Meneghelli in the number 4 position. Scully talked the team through the whole routine: they walked forward turned around in a circle, walked forward: one person turned left, one kept on walking straight, another turned right while the fourth person walked around them as if flying underneath the team.
Before strapping in, Sally Levin had an interview with the Bulletin where she spoke about the amazing sunset show over Lake Umuzi and the next morning’s show.
She also spoke about what it takes to become an aerobatic pilot and the commitment and passion needed to succeed in aerobatics.
After finishing the morning show, the team returned to refuel at the Secunda airfield. As the team taxied onto the taxiway for departure, the first aircraft landed that had just finished the Speed Rally. With a scurry everyone was mobilised to push the aircraft out of the way of the incoming plane. That was when everyone wished an aeroplane had reverse! All was done safely and swiftly.
The sunset and morning shows were a glorious display of upside down and upside right flying. Three aircraft flying, turning and falling together as one. The brilliance of the shows lies with the pilots. Their commitment, passion and timing are a testimony to: “you can do anything if you put your mind to!”
Ané Prinsloo


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