Paul”Piksteel”Ronge did it again!

“I’ll fight anyone, anywhere, anytime!”

The Bulletin News

On Saturday, 29 September, Paul “Piksteel” Ronge took on Stevo Law at Fightstar 35 held at the Zambezi Action SpAorts Arena.
The two fighters took to taunting each other on social media and built up quite a hype around their fight.
They called each other out saying let’s get fighting.
Stevo actually asked for a fight against Paul Ronge and he responded as he always does “I’ll fight anyone, anywhere, anytime!”
The crowd went wild as the fighters made their way to the cage.
Piksteel started as the crowd favourite and Stevo a favourite from season two.
It was three, three-minute rounds in the fight.
The fight started at a fast pace with both fighters refusing to give an inch.
Stevo tried the first kick of the fight but missed.
Paul responded with his own missed kick. The fighters were testing the ground.
After a feeble punch, Stevo tried to take Paul down to the ground, pushing Paul against the side of the cage, stepping inside a kick from Paul but into trouble.
After the quick start to the fight, Paul Ronge put Stevo Law in a relentless guillotine choke. Paul ended the first main card fight of the evening in 1 minute and 42 seconds in the first round. Congratulations Paul!


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