Arrive Alive a huge success at the start of the holidays

The wind blew, the sun shone with a blistering heat and the music kept the atmosphere light.

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On Friday, 28 September, at Sasol Secunda Junxion an amazing Arrive Alive Campaign was hosted. Emergency services set up different simulations and charities were present as well.
The wind blew, the sun shone with a blistering heat and the music kept the atmosphere light. A simulated car crash was a focus point and a few people thought it was a real crash and informed authorities. Even the Bulletin’s Editor was phoned the previous night by a staff member about the car crash simulation!
Delta1 Rescue Diving borrowed a tank from the GMM Fire Brigade. The rescue divers simulated a rescue dive and explained to the Bulletin what it takes to be a rescue diver: the training, the circumstances, confined spaces they must dive in and the mental mindset one should have doing this type of work on a daily basis.
Chaplain Brad Blake was also present at the event to explain his role and how he can assist in a situation.
A Coca Cola truck was present with a DJ and played some upbeat music to keep passersby entertained. Along with the Coca Cola truck was the Blue Ribbon truck and with every bread they sold, they presented their clients with something special.
Little Paws Big Hearts had a stall selling activated charcoal which assists a dog owner should their dog be poisoned. These activated charcoal packs will save a dog owner time, should their dog be poisoned, to transport their dog to the vet in time. Please keep this in mind as dog poisoning is rising in the area.
The ladies from Geldenhuys Attorneys were also present to explain to people what they do and what they specialise in. Other parties that were present and need a big thank you too were: Govan Mbeki Municipality’s Fire Brigade, Govan Mbeki Municipality’s Traffic Department, Avbob, Lion Security, Roman Alarms, JTR, GTR, Car Doctor, Langamed, Sectri Autobody and the Bulletin.
– Ané Prinsloo

The Bulletin NewsThe Bulletin News

The Bulletin NewsThe Bulletin News


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