Cuppa for Cansa

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The Flooze aka Sorina Erasmus

Four years ago, a group of women decided they are going to host a Cuppa. It started with about 70 women and now there is a whole hall at Evander Club full of women and a few men.
Every year a new theme is chosen and this year it was decided on: “Seisoene van Hoop”. With Luan de Beer as MC and entertaining the guests with his voice and saxophone, the morning started with a roar of excitement.
Pastor Werner Joubert, Shofar Christian Church and Survivor contestant spoke to the crowd about survival and how we all support each other within a community. Die Flooze/Sorina Erasmus was the guest speaker and artist. She entertained the crowd with singing and of course her hilarious jokes. Except for the laughs that were shared with Pastor Werner and Die Flooze/Sorina Erasmus the messages both speakers shared were heartfelt and touching.
The message that the crowd walked away with was that even when you are down and alone always stay hopeful which goes with this year’s theme: “Seisoene van Hoop.”

The Bulletin News
The Flooze in action
The Bulletin News
Pastor Werner Joubert
The Bulletin News
Gisele Bosman from CANSA

The Bulletin NewsThe Bulletin News

The Bulletin NewsThe Bulletin News


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