MMA is coming to Graceland

The Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) tournament, Fightstar, is coming to Secunda!

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The Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) tournament, Fightstar, is coming to Secunda!
Graceland will host this very popular event on Saturday 20 October in their arena. The Bulletin is the local media partner for this event.
Dominators Den has entered 7 fighters to participate in the event. The fighters still need to have opponents identified before the fights can be confirmed. Fighters are matched with opponents of similar experience to make the fight an equal fight. They are also matched to lessen the chances of serious injury.
The following fighters have been entered, Smit “Malboer” Steyn, Heinrich “The Hound dog” Wiese, Vince “His Majesty” Nkosi, Paul “Piksteel” Ronge, Hendrik “The Beast” van der Merwe, Cohen “Dr Kush” de Waal and Stefan Diederiks.
Fighters from Dominators Den fought at Alberton wrestling hall on Saturday 25 August and had mixed results. Heindrich “The Hound dog” Wiese started first for the Dominators. Unfortunately “The Hound Dog” lost his fight but he fought well. It was his debut fight and he was dominating the fight but was caught in a triangle choke while grappling on the ground. This choke is a difficult but effective move that gives the opponent little choice. “The Hound Dog” had no choice but to tap out.
Sias “The Pshyco” du Toit was up next for the Dominators. He fought in the heavyweight division. Sias had to fight against a much heavier opponent. The Pshyco weighed in at 103kg and his opponent at 120kg. Sias did not take a back seat to the much heavier opponent and took all the punches while dishing out his own. It was a good fight but unfortunately, he lost in the end with a TKO. “He fought amazingly,” said Coach Cedric “The Dominator” Doyle.
Vince “His Majesty” Nkosi was up next for the Secunda Boys. Vince won his fight with a TKO in the third round. Vince dominated from the word go and in the third round, he managed to “Ground and Pound” his opponent with a nonstop flurry of blows. This is a dangerous sport as was evident in the fight of Vince. His opponent had to spend the night in hospital as a precautionary measure.
Last up was Paul “Piksteel” Ronge. He also had a great fight. He displayed an all-round dominance during the fight. He threw excellent punches, grappled well and his defence was great. Piksteel managed to secure a triangle choke on his opponent and unfortunately, his opponent was disqualified for biting. Piksteel was understandably upset for winning the fight with a disqualification while he was dominating throughout the fight.
The event at Graceland has all the makings of an exciting evening.
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