Veterans meet at Kruik

“Two comma Four”.

The Bulletin News
Kevin Oliver, Johan Smit and Henry Buÿs

Quite a few veterans from several different defence units and SAPD members convened at the Kruik Café for their monthly project “Kolgans”.
This is one of several projects that are currently managed by Sector 1 Cosmos situated in Secunda Mpumalanga.
Veterans and their families in quite a few cities, collectively enjoy each other’s company once a month by having breakfast with other old hands.
The Sector’s chairperson Henry Buÿs announced some exciting get-together occasions for September. One of these is the re-experiencing of the so-called “Two comma Four”.
The mere mentioning of this term raised more than one dialogue between the veterans around the table.
Some hilarious tales of the past experiences, a few accounts became more fiction than veracity, but all in good jest fitting the get collective.
The Chaplain of the sector, Johan Smit, recounted the challenge that he and his fellow police trainees had to accomplish.
They each received a fresh egg, which was to be carried in their fatigues trouser pocket, and dire consequences were implied for those that did not preserve the egg in its original state.
It was thus no surprise to all in attendance that this saga became a challenge.
A fresh egg was subsequently handed over to the chairperson of Unit Brandwacht, Kevin Oliver, by Johan Smit, with the challenge he returns the egg and presents it at the “Two comma Four”
The egg was therefore endorsed with signatures to ensure that no substitute will be presented on September 24. – Aart Reedijk


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