Marsh of sewage

It is time that GMM start to attend to the sewage problem before it is too late.

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A beautiful sunset over Evander sewage wetland

Sewage is once again in the forefront in Evander, albeit not an isolated incident.
The Bulletin received a call from one of the Evander residents complaining about the stench of the sewage, especially in the early hours of the day.
The sight that greeted the Bulletin was one of a lush green area formed by sewage. The pungent stench is overwhelming. It was discovered that the sewage is leaking into the small stream feeding the marsh area from a pipe hidden in the reeds. It would appear that the pipe stems from the pump station.
The Bulletin investigated the pump station only to find that there is a lot of problems, first of which is the ease of access into the fenced off area. There are pieces missing from the palisade fencing and very easy to enter the area. The transformers do not have locked doors and access was extremely easy. The Bulletin did not enter but opening the doors was easy as there was no lock on the doors. 6600V and 500V are fed to the two transformers.
Entering the pump station was just as easy as the gate and doors were also not securely locked.
There was only one motor installed in the pump station. The other electrical motor was located near the door. The concern is that there is no reservoir to store sewage that flows to this station and the sewage needs to be pumped continuously to the water treatment plant.
The catchment area of Evander flows towards the Vaal River. There was a program on national television about the state of the Vaal River. Spillages such as these contribute directly to the contamination of the Vaal River and ultimately our drinking water.
The cost of purification by Rand Water is increasing continuously and it is the consumer that has to bear the brunt of the cost of contamination.
It is time that GMM start to attend to the sewage problem before it is too late.

The Bulletin NewsThe Bulletin NewsThe Bulletin News


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