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“Fighting against sexual exploitation for jobs”.

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The Democratic Alliance Woman’s network celebrated Women’s Month by marching on Saturday in Emzinoni. The theme of the march was “Fighting against sexual exploitation for jobs”.
The march was led by Deputy Provincial Leader: Trudie Grove-Morgan, Deputy Provincial Chairperson: Thembha Mlotshwa, and DAWN Chairperson: Annerie Weber as well as Member of Parliament Angel Kanyile. Several DA GMM councillors also attended.
The Democratic Alliance (DA) has committed itself to help women who are victims of sexual exploitation in the workplace.
DAWN Chairperson Annerie Weber says the issue of unemployment has created new opportunities for men to exploit women.
Annerie says women should be employed for their skills and competence.
“It is inhumane to use the desperation of unemployed women for your own gain. It leaves women devastated and degraded, stripping them of their dignity. Women deserve fair access to jobs based on skills and competence, not being exposed to doing a sexual favour in trade for a job to a sick perverse perpetrator,’ says Annerie.
Annerie adds that the party will protect women who speak up against their perpetrators.
“DAWN will not sit back while women are exploited by perverted officials who abuse their positions of power and take advantage of the women’s desperation for employment. We as DAWN want every woman to know that you are not alone. In the DA you have an ally you can count on if you choose to speak up and expose your perpetrator.”
Annerie was also adamant that “carpet interviews” as it is commonly known should be criminalised. There are incidences were women were exploited for seven years and never received a job. There is also an increase in the violence also associated with sexual exploitation of women, especially in Mpumalanga.
“Men should know that this type of behaviour is unacceptable and that there should be a punishment for it,” says Annerie.
“We want women to be able to speak up and not be afraid.”

The Bulletin NewsThe Bulletin News

The Bulletin NewsThe Bulletin News

The Bulletin NewsThe Bulletin News


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