Five Mpumalanga municipalities to be under administration – Change needed

This clearly shows a lack of political will, financial mismanagement, and incapacity as a result of Cadre Deployment.

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Five Mpumalanga municipalities are under consideration to be placed under administration in terms of section 139 (1)(b) of the Constitution for gross financial mismanagement.
This was confirmed by Cogta MEC, Speedy Mashilo during the SALGA Mpumalanga Provincial Members Assembly today.
Under the leadership of former Premier David Mabuza, local government in Mpumalanga was brought to its knees as service delivery collapsed and money meant for the people was used to line the pockets of those in Mabuza’s network of patronage.
While placing eMalahleni, Govan Mbeki, Msukaligwa, Thaba Chweu and Lekwa local municipalities under administration, it will at the very least pause the rot in these municipalities. Nothing will change unless all those implicated in the corrupt dealings that have crippled these municipalities are arrested and barred from dealing with public money.
In a meeting with between Cogta and the Parliament’s Standing Committee on Public Accounts (Scopa), it was revealed that five Mpumalanga municipalities currently owe Eskom a combined total of R4.4 billion. This is an R2 billion increase from December 2017.
Nationally, 20 defaulting municipalities, including the five from Mpumalanga, currently owe Eskom R10 billion.
MEC Mashilo must really question how eMalahleni keeps returning millions to CoGTA while they owe almost R2 billion to Eskom? This clearly shows a lack of political will, financial mismanagement, and incapacity as a result of Cadre Deployment.
Below is a list of the top five Mpumalanga municipalities that contribute to the Eskom debt:
Municipality and amount
1. eMalahleni – R1.9 billion
2. Govan Mbeki – R684 million
3. Lekwa – R563 million
4. Thaba Chweu – R494 million
5. City of Mbombela – R307 million
The recent increase in debt shows that the province’s municipalities are still struggling to settle their Eskom accounts largely due to political interference in the revenue collection processes.
It also shows that apart from only paying interest; these defaulting municipalities will once again find themselves on Eskom’s disconnection list. Serious intervention is needed to bring financial stability to these municipalities as placing them under administration alone will not solve the problems caused by years of corruption.
The DA calls on MEC Mashilo to ensure that the intervention is not just a smoke screen to make the people of Mpumalanga believe they are finally free from David Mabuza’s mafia-like grip on the province, but that the intervention is accompanied with sound financial recovery plans that will ensure that money meant for the people is spent on the people.
Only a DA government can bring real change to Mpumalanga because we are the only political party with a proven track record everywhere we govern. – by James Masango MPL – DA Spokesperson on CoGTA


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