Secunda Mall celebrate Mandela Day

Thank you to Secunda Mall for making a difference!

The Bulletin News
Jani Muller from Secunda Mall handing over the money to Natasha Philpott from Cansa

Secunda Mall donated R5 451.45 to Cansa as part of their effort in celebrating Mandela day. They erected a “coin drop” in front of the cinemas and encouraged people to donate their coins into the box.
NPO’s had the opportunity to promote their organisations for the day, at no charge, in the kids’ play area. Three organisations used the opportunity namely Famsa, Cansa and SANBS.
The coin drop opened on the 11th of July and closed on Wednesday at 15H00. The public had an opportunity to say who they would like to see as recipients of the coins and CANSA received the most votes. The voting was done online.
The amount of R5 451.45 was collected, but Secunda Mall had a surprise installed for everyone. They donated R2 000 to Famsa and SANBS each. Everyone was very thankful for the donations.
Thank you to Secunda Mall for making a difference!

Famsa receiving R2000 from Secunda Mall
SANBS receiving R2000 from Secunda Mall


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