PDPS donates to KI Twala

The need for feminine hygiene solutions grows increasingly evident.

The Bulletin News

As part of their Mandela Day contribution, staff from PDPS handed out reusable sanitary pads and food parcels at KI Twala Secondary School. The need for feminine hygiene solutions for young girls grows increasingly evident, and PDPS was proud to be part of an initiative that improves the lives of school girls in the community. In line with the theme of 67 minutes for Mandela Day, 67 students were identified as the recipients of the parcels.
Mishael Mashele, one of the team members who visited the school, explained that “the girl child misses so many days of school per year because of lack of access to sanitary pads.” The pads have a longevity of 5 years, and their recipients (who were grade 8 girls) can use them throughout their high school careers.
On behalf of KI Twala Secondary School, Mrs. Ngodwane, the deputy principal, expressed gratitude to PDPS for considering the school amongst all those who are in need of the same fare.


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