Bianca is back at school

Bianca is resuming school life with vigour and can’t wait for the first orchestra rehearsal this week.

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Bianca Fourie is happy to be back at school

Bianca Fourie returned to school on Monday 23 July, after having extensive back surgery done.
It was all smiles when Bianca greeted the Bulletin Monday morning at school.
Everyone was pleased to have her back at school and it was evident that Bianca was glad to be back as well. Bianca had back surgery to rectify her spine as it was making it difficult to function normally.
In an exclusive interview, Bianca told the Bulletin that the most difficult thing about scoliosis (she was diagnosed with scoliosis and had corrective surgery) was that she struggled to breathe. She would only be able to move very small distances before she ran out of breath.
The brave girl that spoke to the Bulletin was vibrant, cheerful and optimistic. Bianca walked a full 10cm taller as she guided the Bulletin to the headmistress of Hoërskool Oosterland’s office for an interview. It was a very confident walk.
When asked what the single most enjoyable thing is now, she replied without hesitation that she could now walk long distances without struggling to breathe.
Bianca’s body is still not up to full strength and she is not able to carry a full schoolbag of books. The Doctor recommended only two books at a time. To help with this task, Hoërskool Oosterland had a special locker made for her to keep her books in.
The community of Secunda took hands to help Bianca. She desperately needed surgery but the costs were extremely high. The whole community stood together and made it possible to have the surgery. Bianca said at the end of her interview that she would like to thank everyone from the bottom of her heart for all their support. She now has a new lease on life.
Bianca is resuming school life with vigour and can’t wait for the first orchestra rehearsal this week where she plays the clarinet.
Her favourite song is “Amazing Grace”.
It is such a fitting song as it is with Amazing Grace that Bianca is walking normally and proudly.
Amazing Grace, how sweet the sound……


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