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People need people.

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People need people. That is the premise behind Secunda Helping Hearts. The professional support group was started by Soleil Kruger, a Secunda-based social worker. Having recently moved to Secunda, the need for a multi-disciplinary support structure was identified. “I do not want to do my work alone, so I started networking with other professionals who are working with children and families in the community,” she said.
Currently, Secunda Helping Hearts consist of 50 professionals, including psychologists, occupational therapists, speech therapists, social workers and physiotherapists etc. “The focus of the group is to refer clients to the appropriate professionals and inform each other of new training opportunities. We are also there to support each other as professionals,” Soleil said.
Soleil aims to bring the group together on 24 August 2018 for a social meeting at Snooze a lot/Eat a lot. There they will have the opportunity to exchange business cards and meet each other personally. There is currently a Whatsapp group and a Facebook page called Secunda Helping Hearts, but the network meeting will give them the opportunity to see each other face to face.
Professionals in private practice face similar challenges, including working alone, marketing services alone, educating the public about your field of study and running a successful practice at the same time. Soleil thus knew that a group like Secunda Helping Hearts could benefit professionals in private practice who all face the same challenges.
The Helping Hearts Network Meeting will take place at Snooze a lot/Eat a lot on 24 August and is set to be a day of ample food, drinks, gifts and smiles all around. Any professionals working with children and families are welcome to join the group. The community can message the Facebook page if they need to be referred to:
• Social Workers (Play therapy/Forensic social worker/Family therapy)
• Occupational Therapists
• Speech Therapists
• Psychologists (Educational/Clinical/Industrial)
• Physiotherapists
• Biokineticists
• Lactation consultants
• Dieticians
• Audiologists
• Counsellors
• Family mediator
• Psychotherapists
• Psychometrists
• Reading & Spelling therapist and more


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