RDP disaster looming

It is clear that the work is not up to standard.

The Bulletin News
Mariaan Chamberlain, Amos Masina and Angel Khanyile (MP) all from the DA, inspecting substandard roadworks at Charl Cilliers

Charl Cilliers residents are unhappy about the housing development that is currently under construction in Charl Cilliers.
369 low-cost houses are to be constructed by Tiger Business Enterprise. The Charl Cilliers community objected when the RDP recipient list was to be compiled by Govan Mbeki Municipality stating that only town residents were informed and none of the surrounding towns.
The residents then approached the contractors demanding that 30% of local employment should be implemented. Tiger Business Enterprises then issued a letter to the newly formed Project Steering Committee stating that 30% of the houses to be constructed will be given to the local community to build. In total 110 houses were promised.
The community spoke to the ward councillor but she refused to speak to them and help with the problem. The community then spoke to the DA councillors that conducted a site visit on Friday 13 July. The DA delegation consisted of several DA councillors that were accompanied by Angel Khanyile DA Member of Parliament.
The scene that greeted them immediately made them suspicious that shoddy workmanship will once again be accepted. The Resident Engineer arrived on site and attempted to answer the barrage of questions fired at him by the delegation.
The Resident Engineer maintained that the workmanship is up to standard. The road was being tarred with a thin layer of stone and bitumen. The road was not level at all and the uneven surface was visible to everyone even without measuring tools.
The bitumen did not even cover the road surface properly. It was also loose underfoot. The incorrect size stones were used as the top surface. The final Dolerite layer was so fine the specialized laboratory company that accompanied Mariaan Chamberlain, DA Constituency Chairperson in GMM, called the last layer “sugar dolerite” that cannot be compacted. Bitumen should not be used.
The sewer reticulation pipe diameters also need to be confirmed against the engineering drawings.
When the delegation inquired about compaction tests on the road as well as details on the construction of the roads, no clear answers were given. A road must be built to very strict specifications to ensure the longevity of the road. This does not seem to be the case.
Mariaan Chamberlain, said that it is clear that the work is not up to standard and that this work would have been approved if they didn’t inspect it.


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