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"It is not just a slideshow with music"

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Inner Perspective by Sussa Pelser

The Sasol Highveld Photography club had a very exciting photo club evening on the 6th July with 55 entries and 23 members in attendance.
Anne D’Oliveira, President of PSSA and Amy Ansell, honorary member of Sasol Highveld Club were the judges for the evening.
Anne shared two Audio Visuals (AV’s) with them with respective titles “Mysterious Venda” and “Tears from Heaven”.
The first one took three years with the assistance of her business partner Frans Jesche to make and the second one six months.
That again illustrated how much effort it takes to make a good AV.
Anne agreed to host an AV workshop in Secunda.
The following pointers can be followed for a good AV,
-One must do research.
-It is not just a slideshow with music.
-Make a story out of the photographs.
-Remember all stories have a start, middle and end.
-Photos are not everything.
-It doesn’t matter where one begins, photos, music or idea first.
-Keep the audience captivated.
-Sound, Photos and Recordings all play a vital role.
-Voice over can be done but ensure that it is a good recording voice.
-Making an AV can take a very long time.
The winners for the evening were as follows
Junior category: Sussa Pelser with the title “Inner perspective”
Senior category: James Harris with the title “Living Dangerously”
Set Subject: Leon Pelser with the title “Morning Frost”
The next meeting will be held on the 3rd of August and the set subject is “Street photography”.

Living dangerously by James Harris
Morning Frost by Leon Pelser



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