Algoa National Rally done & dusted!

The stages were very dusty and made for good spectator viewing.

AC Potgieter and Nico Swartz - Photo by Susan Vacy-Lyle

he Algoa National Rally kicked off at a fast pace in Port Elizabeth on Friday 6 July.
Hergen Fekken and Carl Peskin started in their brand-new Volkswagen Polo. Unfortunately, the Polo was lost on the second stage when a fire destroyed the vehicle. No one was hurt.
At the end of the day (stage 5) the leaderboard had Guy Botterill/Simon Vacy-Lyle leading with Leeke/Kohne taking up second place. Local team Potgieter/Swartz ended the day in third. The team of Coertse/Godrich were fourth. Greg Godrich recently moved to Secunda and is now a local lad.
4 Classes competed in the event namely the R2N, Classic, Open and S1. A total of 41 teams entered the event. A few women also participated in the rally either as drivers or navigators. At least one all-female team participated in the rally.
Day two saw everybody ready to go after spending the night fixing all the small problems that crept in on day one.
The first three stages on day two 6,7 & 8) saw changes in the leaderboard with Potgieter/Swartz moving up into second, pushing Leeke/Kohne into third. Coertse/Godrich slipped down into fifth allowing the team of Van Wyk/White to move up into fourth.
The stages were very dusty and made for good spectator viewing.
The leaderboard did not change again and Guy Botterill/Simon Vacy-Lyle took honours on the podium. Potgieter/Swartz took second place with Leeke/Kohne ending in third place for the national rally.
Algoa Rally Club hosted the event and did a wonderful job. The next rally is on the 17th and 18th August in Bronkhorstspruit.
The Secunda rally will take place on the 28th & 29th September.

The Bulletin News
Ac Potgieter and Nico Swartz
Hergen Fekken and Carl Peskin lost their brand new VW Polo
Guy Botteril and Simon Vacy-Lyle Winners overall


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