Mpumalanga Comedy Show

The show was illustrative of the varying styles and genres of comedy that often grace the stage.

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A growing air of anticipation swelled in the Graceland Arena as guests slowly filled the seats in the venue. Lights dimmed and the crowd settled down to the booming voice of Elton Mduduzi in comical repetition of “Good evening ladies and gentlemen!”

Mpumalanga Comedy Show left its audience in nothing short of stitches. Hosted by Elton Mduduzi and aptly titled “Elton Mduduzi and Friends”, the show was illustrative of the varying styles and genres of comedy that often grace the stage.

The opening set was performed by Abuti Lolo, our very own local comedian and contender for the title of Best Newcomer in the Comics Choice Awards. Backed by some seasoned performers, Lolo was praised by Mduduzi, who declared he had no doubt that he could snatch the title. Lolo’s style of comedy was particularly lighthearted, relatable and relevant as it drew from his personal experiences and the current affairs of the community. He takes the stage again on Thursday 5 July in Bethal.

Before the chuckles had even receded, the presence of Tol Ass Mo, the next performer, filled the eyes of onlookers with tears of laughter. The comedian, who in 2011 won the Best Newcomer award that Lolo now contends for, brought an unapologetically raunchy flavour to the evening, which the audience quite obviously loved.

Mashabela and Celeste Ntuli were also set to grace the stage, and by the end of the evening, it was safe to say that Top Aces Entertainment and Graceland had partnered up to offer an event that was well worth the wait and the rate. Comedy continues to grow in the TEKS area, and there was no better way to prove it than to put together some of the most talented standup comedians in the country and bring them to the sleepy town of Secunda.

The Bulletin Newspaper


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