Summer bodies are made in winter

“It’s a fun thing for us, it is more of a motivational tool for individual goals,”

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FitCity’s Extreme Makeover Challenge is well underway as the winter grows colder. The challenge, which started on 1 June and runs through to 24 August, aims to make the quest for the ever-elusive ‘summer body’ a fun experience for its participants.
FitCity Secunda was established in September 2017 and as described by its co-owner, Kim Smit, was “a dream for a few years”.
Enjoying regular registrations through its modern online system, the gym is a growing success and the pride of its owners.
“We run four classes during the day. We are a HIIT Studio, based on group fitness with instructors,” Kim explained.
This is the first makeover challenge as big as it is, which offers the services of a qualified biokineticist, Ancois van Zyl. The expert takes measurements such as fat percentage and body circumference. Although the challenge cannot help but sound competitive, being an official winner is not its main focus, Rather, participants are encouraged to take their health and fitness into their own hands and compete with themselves as individuals. “It’s a fun thing for us, it is more of a motivational tool for individual goals,” Kim said.
This attitude of fun in relation to fitness is undeniable, as FitCity often hosts themed workout parties, where members dress up and do dance fitness in line with the theme. The themes range from the 80s to pajama parties.
We’ve offered an extreme makeover at a beauty boutique. The runner-up wins a mini makeover, and the third place winner receives a hamper of beauty products.
Evidently, the challenge is geared towards female participants, but FitCity as a whole is open to the general public.
“FitCity is about being happy, healthy, fit and strong, so the winner could never be picked solely on how much weight they lost,” Kim said.
The winner is determined based on three main considerations: the difference in her fat percentage, the centimetres she has lost and the number of classes she has attended.
At present, FitCity also stocks FitChef meals, which allow members to supplement their fitness routine with the appropriate nutrition. “Our philosophy is that if you eat 80% healthy 80% of the time, you get a thumbs-up from us,” Kim explained.
Juanita Vermeulen, Kim’s partner, said that the passion began with a need for a healthy restaurant. “In the meantime, we started FitCity,” she said.
“I love the fact that we offer something different to our clients”, Juanita said. “We make so many friends here.”
“Seeing people feel good during and after the workout really shows what a difference we make, not just physically,” Kim said of her love for FitCity.
Both owners are elated with the growth of the studio, and are well aware that the power of word-of-mouth has been a huge driving force in FitCity’s success.
We can’t wait to see the results at the end of the makeover challenge. Good luck to all the ladies participating!



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